SG Book Deals 2017: Knowledge Is Power

Having been wowed by the two previous book sale events, hosted by the good people at Pansing whose mission is “To offer quality books at affordable prices”, I was looking forward to my third SG Book Deals this year. In a good sense, I believe that knowledge is power, and that books can still, despite the ease of accessing it via the Internet, provide ideas and new knowledge. Broadly speaking, knowledge may be classified into three categories: Must Know, Should Know and Nice To Know.

Amazed by the range of books that were on sale when I attended the Media Preview on 3 August, I was inspired to share quickly a blog post on my regular site (intentionally not linked for reasons stated below). I had wanted my readers/followers and their families & friends to take advantage of the incredible book sale. Imagine packing some 63 books into 2 boxes (that was based on my packing skill or the lack of it). It worked out on average to cost just S$1.60 for each book. My friend and blogging buddy, Grace Tan posted that she achieved 72 books into her two boxes.

There’s still time to head over to take your book picks by 6.00pm this Sunday/13 August! (details below). Few things are more important than feeding your brain with knowledge.

Books Box Sale Until Sunday 13 August 2017

I should like to apologise to my readers that my account was suspended by my hosting provider (who is amongst the top three recommended hosts no less!). My blog had been compromised by malicious content. I have no issue with that action, but I was not forewarned by them (as it would make it easier for me to log into my c-Panel File Manager, FTP and SSH etc to facilitate cleaning up my account!). But this is for another post perhaps!

Genre Academic

Coming back to the SG Book Deals – the once-a-year $50 All-You-Can-Fill Box Sale. There are 15 genres of books on offer, enough to satisfy all your reading needs. And they are:

1.Academic  2.Adult Colouring  3.Art/Film/Music/Decor  4.Business & Self-help  5.Children  6.Cookery  7.Crafts and Gardening  8.Fiction  9.General Non-fiction & Reference  10.History/Military  11. IT  12.Lifestyle  13.Pets  14.Travel and Language  15.Young Adult

And for almost everyone, there are Star Wars and paraphernalia too.

Specials For Star Wars Fans

In addition, there are:

Featured Deals:
* 1 for $8
* 3 for $20
* Some books at the main hall may have price tags, please ignore the price tags.
* Box sale at $50 each
* Excludes all items in the flash sales area. Area has been expanded this year to include more books!
* No reservations are allowed. Unpurchased boxes will be emptied and books will be returned to the tables for sale.

Flash Sales Area:
* Look out for special deals for box sets and individually priced items.
* Prices start from $1!
* Might not be open 24/7; only when there’s items up for flash deals!

Free Book Giveaway: to encourage young people to read more!
* Free for Students –limited to 1st 100 per day.
* Students must show student pass and like their Facebook page to redeem (from a curated selection of books)
* No purchase required.
* Limited to ONE book per student.
* Valid from 4 to 13 Aug during the public sale hours

Books are also sold individually, and flash sale items are excluded from the box sale! And it’s time to update my own home library too: This book on Abnormal Psychology makes an excellent update on the subject. Only $15 – what a steal!

Abnormal Psychology Reference Book

Now this is a book about Ada Lovelace. You may not have heard about her, but certainly you know Lord Byron, the romantic poet and a favourite of mine. Well, Ada is his brilliant mathematician daughter, credited as the first computer programmer!

Me and Ada Lovelace

And now I can update my personal library:


This is how to get there:

  •  I suggest taking the public transport as parking lots are limited, on a first-come-first-served basis.
  •  It is very accessible to get to the sale by bus/mrt from Bishan.
  •  Please see location map (attached)

Location Map

There’s still time to head over to take your book picks by 6.00pm this Sunday/13 August! (details below). Few things are more important than feeding your brain with knowledge.


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